"People don't fail, they quit."

- J. Batio

My Portfolio

Rapid & cost-effective product conceptualization & development is my specialty. I am able to create and ready for mass-production, a complex electronic device in a fraction of the time and cost.

Inventing & Conceptualization

From a very early age, I began the process of asking what if? This question led me to realize that anything is possible, if you just think about it openly and boldy. I applied for my first patent when i was just 17 years old. I have had many patents & trademarks to my name and am proficient in many aspects of the patent & trademark process, including writing the abstracts.

Industrial Design & Styling

Over the years I have constantly questioned the status quo. As much in the creation of new ideas, to how those new ideas will look and feel to in order to complete the users experience. I have worked with some of the biggest product devlopment companies and many of the design fields luminaries, in my quest to create perfected technologies that make people smile.

Engineering Assist

During the many years I have spent in product development and company formation, I have learned that working directly with the engineers, (whether they be electrical, mechanical or idustrial engineers.)..that the solutions you seek may require an outside perspective in order to achieve the desired design objective and this is where I shine.

Dynamic Futurist TM

A big part of "seeing' the next big thing or the future in general, is not just by studying trends, but more so by creating it. Think where we would be without all of the visionaries we take for granted. From Edison to Ford, to Jobs and Gates...just imagine of life without these 'Dyamic Futurists.' The world needs those that push the boundaries, in order to bring us the future...it doesn't just happen you know, it takes those willing to invent and do!

Marketing & Video Production

Marketing is a mystery to many but not to me. Marketing begins not with a slogan, but with a profound understanding of what people need and then setting about creating that solution. Technology should solve problems, not create them. Marketing is easy when you have a great idea. in other words let the idea speak for itself both in its inception all the way through to its creation and all points in between, in order to create human solutions by design, this is what I do.

Web & Media Design

When I founded Xentex, we needed a full e-commerce enabled website. Back then when the web was still rather new, such a site cost in excess of almost $1mm. Today websites are virtually free to develop but one thing is still a constant...great design and this is where I have spent a considerable amount of time learning how to visually communicate ideas to the world via the web. I have also spent considerable time scripting & directing video assets.

Logo Design


Web Development

Strategic Planning