Design Philosophy

I believe design is about creating solutions not compromises. The human interface is the only thing that matters and ideas need to support the human | machine interaction.

About me

I love to imagine things that could be. The future is not set but what we make it, so lets make it a good one.

Think Big

Me @ 17

This is me around the time I applied for my first patent. I Know...the hair! LOL
Zoolander LOL
Tried a brief stint as a model and was in a movie with Charlie Sheen.
More recent
but I have since shaved off the Chuck Norris beard.
“I have always taken things apart not just to see how they work but to see how I could make them better, or at least more interesting.”
– J. Batio
There are those that will love what you are doing and those that will be haters. In the end you have to follow your own dreams and try to make our world a better place than how you found it. Innovation is a very disruptive beast, but if it is the right thing at the right time, than success shall be yours. If not, then keep moving forward and try again.
In the end, my advice to all is to work hard, work smart, believe with all your heart, never surrender, never give up and never stop asking…What if?